My services offers a range of well-site and operations geological services from pre-spud to post TD

Highly skilled well-site geologist available for rotation or whole well sitting worldwide.

Very experienced operations geologist able to work overseas bases on semi permanent, rotational or weekly schedules.

Insistence on clear communication skills.

Current and former clients value the integrity and competence of my geological services.

Delivers a cost effective, balanced portfolio of services & skills to clients expecting the best from their data gathering and operations programs.



  • Communication with client offices.
  • Compilation and transmission of daily reports.
  • Compilation of final well reports.
  • Core descriptions and evaluation.
  • Correlation with offset wells and regional geology.
  • Data transmission to client offices.
  • Geological evaluation of cutting samples.
  • Hydrocarbon gas analysis and behaviors.
  • Geo-pressure studies.
  • Geosteering - In clastic or carbonate environments.
  • Liaison with drilling personnel.
  • Logging While Drilling (LWD) supervision, quality control and FE evaluation.
  • Formation pressure while drilling supervision and evaluation.
  • Merging of well data into computer systems.
  • Mudlogging supervision and quality control.
  • Operational advice on bit selection, hydraulics, ECD management.
  • Preparation of lithology log.
  • Preservation, storage and shipment of geological samples.
  • Production of composite well logs.
  • Seismic "Up-Hole" logging and management.
  • Selection and shipment of priority samples.
  • Selection of coring, casing, testing points.
  • Sidewall core selection and description.
  • Wellsite wireline quick-look interpretation.
  • Wireline logging supervision and quality control.
  • Witnessing well tests, formation pressure tests and formation sampling.
  • Training of junior geologists.
  • Challenging geological and drilling environments - such as abnormal formation pressures, HPHT wells, deep water, ultra long reach and horizontal wells, along with potential H2S hazards - are included in the geologists' portfolios.