My services offers a range of well-site and operations geological services from pre-spud to post TD

Highly skilled well-site geologist available for rotation or whole well sitting worldwide.

Very experienced operations geologist able to work overseas bases on semi permanent, rotational or weekly schedules.

Insistence on clear communication skills.

Current and former clients value the integrity and competence of my geological services.

Delivers a cost effective, balanced portfolio of services & skills to clients expecting the best from their data gathering and operations programs.



Operations Geologists can be assigned to the regional head office, to the local supporting office in the field, as part of a project management team overseeing the drilling and evaluation of a well in remote areas or to companies with no dedicated in-house team.


  • As an Ops. Geologists, I can contribute significantly to:
  • Advice on operations planning
  • Drilling-the-Well-on-Paper exercises
  • Formation Evaluation Programme preparation
  • Geological assistance in the drilling programme design
  • Government Liaison
  • Logistics Planning & Organisation
  • Materials specification & procurement
  • Post-well evaluation
  • Pre-well geological programme planning
  • Programme Management
  • Project costing & budget control
  • Safety awareness for geological hazards
  • Tender preparation and selection of service companies